Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping experience: She Inside

So, it all started like this:

I saw a cat sweater on the She Inside website and I fell completely on the trap: it was cheap, and it had cats on it. WHY NOT?.

The truth is, ladies, NEVER BUY IN SHEINSIDE.

Never. Ever. They have terrible customer service and quality and everything.

My order was dispatched almost 1 month after I ordered the sweater (and paid for it, of course), and after sending tons of emails to the customer service people, they fiiinally dispatched my order (with one month delay, but thanks... I guess).

The sweater is cute, but the quality sucks. It's like buying something from Primark, but much worse. Of course, the prices are good, but don't fall in the trap.

I've moved to the UK :)


Friday, January 18, 2013

Shopping experience: Modcloth Internationally (Mexico).

Hello people.

I'll be around here sometimes.

Today I will tell you about my shopping experience at (I live in Mexico, so my order had to be sent to my country).

In my opinion, Modcloth is a great website. It has variety of products, good shopping experience and usability, good prices, and most importantly: GREAT customer service. (props on that, Modcloth people!).

My only problem was (of course): shipping. For people who don't live in Mexico, here's the deal: Let's say Mexican Post Office is not that good. Not good. At all. Packages never arrive on time (or never arrive at all), plus, you have to pay expensive fees when you order something from the United States. It sucks big time.

I decided to get a jacket and a pair of scarves, they were on sale by the time I bought them so let's say my order was actually very cheap. My payment method was PayPal, and of course, no trouble on that.

Everything was going well. Until I had to decide the shipping method. I chose the standard option (USPS First-Class Mail International), the problem with this option is that it doesn't have any possible way of tracking your package when it arrives to Mexico, and it could take moooonths before you receive anything (read paragraph 3). My purchase was made on November and I thought "well, I'll wait whatever it takes". I was thinking that maybe on december my order will be at home. BUT NO. And I had no tracking number, because this option doesn't provide one.

I was freaking out, so I entered the live-chat Modcloth has, and the girl in the chat (Tracey, was her name I think) was very nice to me, told me my package would be sent again for free via UPS. HOORAY!. I was happy, so happy that I even wrote this on my Twitter account:

Well, after 4 days, my package arrived right to my door. But, uh oh, surprise, a $400 pesos fee from UPS. My reaction:

The packaging is lovely, clothes were good, clean, great quality and perfectly folded. And that's how the story ends. Of course, this isn't Modcloth's fault, fees are mentioned when selecting the shipping method, but I didn't it know was that expensive. :(

Beautiful packaging



My advice to people in Mexico wanting to buy stuff from Modcloth: DO IT. As I said before, they have great customer service, but you have to know you'll have to pay a lot for shipping fees.