Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping experience: She Inside

So, it all started like this:

I saw a cat sweater on the She Inside website and I fell completely on the trap: it was cheap, and it had cats on it. WHY NOT?.

The truth is, ladies, NEVER BUY IN SHEINSIDE.

Never. Ever. They have terrible customer service and quality and everything.

My order was dispatched almost 1 month after I ordered the sweater (and paid for it, of course), and after sending tons of emails to the customer service people, they fiiinally dispatched my order (with one month delay, but thanks... I guess).

The sweater is cute, but the quality sucks. It's like buying something from Primark, but much worse. Of course, the prices are good, but don't fall in the trap.

I've moved to the UK :)


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